25 de setembre 2006

ensense paraules

21 de setembre 2006

de socawrel...

mans enlaire, filldeputa!

20 de setembre 2006

pencil, help me

Hotel Ambassador, in Niš, has fleas

Hotel Ambassador, in Nis, Serbia. In some hotel directories i've read that pets are welcome. I guess that includes also the numerous fleas we found all over our beds. Just don't make the mistake we did: DON'T GO TO HOTEL AMBASSADOR. I must say, though, that the views are spectacular...

And some plugs, too...

Niš: early in the morning, 16th floor

18 de setembre 2006

15 de setembre 2006


Beograd: Headquarters of the Serbian army

In 1999, during the Kosovo War, NATO air forces bombed these buildings. Almost eight years later, the buildings remain destroyed, untouched, a memorial of Serbian victimism and self-pity, like an open wound in the center of Belgrade. To me it's clear that somebody here doesn't want some wounds to heal. Worse than that, though, are the real intentions of those who insist in feeding the hatred.


14 de setembre 2006